A satisfactory it is, that the 11 Forum was held in Poland. The hosts events (BMZ Poland) rose to the challenge by organizing a very interesting multi-day event. Forum participants, both those professionally interested in the details of technological solutions and those who are users of devices with batteries or accumulators they heard absorbing lectures, they saw the interesting exhibitions. BMZ Poland took care of participation in the Forum curious, representing a wide spectrum of technological presenters from Poland and from abroad. Accompanying thematic sessions, discussions panels, allowed participants to deepen the discussed issues in direct contact with the experts. Hungry in the knowledge obtained, could be successfully completed and expanded during informal talks backstage.

Especially for Polish participants of the Forum, it was an important opportunity to meet in one place and time so many prominent people representing many global manufacturers and cooperating companies.

Janusz Bosakirski

Advisor to the Board of Warsaw Municipal Bus Co. Ltd.

UITP Bus Committee Member

The Battery Expert forum is one of the most comprehensive events for people who are involved in design and design-in of battery systems. The forum covers technical and commercial aspects and it offers insight in different battery technologies. It is the best event to efficiently gather battery know how while offering regional and international contacts for all stakeholders!

Peter Blumrich

Director Sales & Business Development Batteries

Toshiba Europe GmbH

My colleagues from ERP Germany have participated in Battery University forums being organized by BMZ in Germany for many years, and spoke always very highly about them. I was therefore very happy when I have learned that BMZ Poland is planning this time an event in Gliwice, Poland. As it came out, the conference has really exceeded my expectations. To begin with, it was very well attended, with numerous rechargeable battery top experts and practitioners from whole Europe and beyond. Second, the agenda was well laid out and organized, with focus on market trends, battery safety, and applications with special focus on e-mobility. Organization of the conference (attention to the agenda, quality of facilities, staff) was also on the top level. It was an excellent opportunity for me to share our company position and offer in the area of Extended Producer Responsibility and waste collection and recycling.

Mikołaj Józefowicz


ERP Polska (battery, WEEE and packaging producer compliance scheme)

We would like to thank BMZ for the opportunity to participate in the Battery University. The seminar organized by BMZ is an extremely interesting and very unusual event, during which, apart from standard presentation of many international companies’ products, you can also get detailed information on specific technical parameters. This knowledge is all the more valuable that it is passed by practitioners in their fields, who every day encounter the same problems as battery users. The companies participating in the seminar are the best-known and renowned manufacturers of cells in the world, so they show what the future will look like on the battery market. I believe that for people working every day with battery power systems participation in the seminar is a way to gain knowledge of technical innovations in this field. I recommend that everyone interested should take part in the seminar, as this will definitely help answer burning questions, providing novices with a list of advantages and disadvantages of each solution.

Dariusz Płatek

Electrician constructor

Flytronic sp. z o.o.

11th edition of the Developer Forum Battery Technologies in Gliwice was an extremely interesting meeting of the modern batteries industry. Representatives of various organizations, which often normally compete with each other, gathered in one place. They talked about the future, exchanged experience, discussed problems of the industry. Discussion concerned important and interesting issues. It was an important forum of organizations working in the field of lithium-ion batteries and their applications. A meeting of the world of science, manufacturers, systems integrators and users, but also students and knowledge popularisers. A seemingly company marketing conference turned out to be an important meeting place for the industry. Everyone could make new contacts and strengthen existing ones. And all in pleasant atmosphere and a beautiful building of Silesian University of Technology. After the Forum, I felt inspired and intellectually stimulated. I charged "batteries" for further work. I will take part in the next Forum for sure.

Piotr Biczel Ph.D. Eng.

Institute of Theory of Electrical Engineering, Measurement and Information Systems

Warsaw University of Technology

The battery Expert Forum was a great event which featured a variety of battery related topics from seasoned experts from across the world. It was an opportunity to interact with various battery customers who attended the event to understand the needs with regards to battery safety, monitoring and gauging. The sessions covered several aspects of battery safety which is a key fundamental requirement for Li-ion battery designs. The event also had booths which allowed battery IC vendors , users and customers to showcase and view the latest technologies and developing trends in battery management. I recommend this event to anyone working with batteries who would like to gain more insight on latest standards, regulations and technology trends with regards to battery management.

Onyx Ahiakwo

Battery applications Engineer

Texas Instrument Inc. Dallas

Expert Forum on li-ion battery in Gliwice is one of few places where, at the meeting point of experience and research, a participant has access to verified knowledge. It is a perfect place to talk with experts about current problems and challenges of future construction solutions as well as technological processes. Accuracy of their speeches is important for many business ventures. Forum location in Gliwice, in the academic centre, highlights the importance of collaboration between engineers and scientists, as evidenced by numerous presented technology demonstrators, which the participant can personally see and experience. The Forum is a place of numerous meetings with exhibitors, which creates the opportunity to establish new forms of cooperation.

Marek Szlęzak

Technical Manager

MELEX Sp. z o.o.

Battery Developer Forum in Gliwice was successful and very well organized event. During 3 days at the end of June 2016 there were seminars together with exhibition. Presented topics covered the most important issues related to Lithium-Ion batteries: technology, standards, safety, transportation and practical use. I highly appreciate the knowledge of the speakers from all over the world. The place was very comfortable. Participants could watch slides on the 3 screens at the same time. Many people will remember their impressions of riding electric bikes or driving electric cars: Tesla and BMW.

Sławomir Kanoza

Director of Division in Warsaw

HOPPECKE Baterie Polska Sp. z o.o.

The Battery Experts Forum in Poland is a great opportunity to meet people who are active in the battery industry. As TWS is one of the top five worldwide manufacturers of Li-Ion battery packs and which have their own cell manufacturing site in Shanghai, we appreciate the opportunity to meet with existing customers, potential customers as well as suppliers and experts from public organisations. The forum in Poland is especially interesting as it focuses on Eastern European markets and gave attendees a good picture of the future of this emerging region. Various manufacturers showcased their products, of which some could be tested, and visitors could gain an understanding of the various industries which utilise battery packs in their products.

The demonstrations provided a wide range of information from both the user’s and manufacturer’s perspectives, focusing on e-mobility, energy storage and other utilizations. All facets in the world of batteries were represented; starting from cell chemistry and new trends in cell technology; to the manufacturing of battery packs; to the market prospects of key applications.

Networking was also focused on in this event, where visitors and exhibitioners could meet during the breaks, when you visit the exhibition stands or at the get together, in a very relaxed atmosphere.

We are looking forward to be a part of this again next year.

Claudia Jost

Sales Manager Europe

TWS Technology Ltd.

Lots of experts in a battery field in one place in Poland- this is something battery community has been waiting for. It truly shows that CEE countries start leaving a mark on European battery map.

We all strive to know more and it is important to organize events where people are happy to share their know-how during speaking sessions and discussion panels.

Having a chance to meet and exchange opinions with all the key players in battery field gives a great opportunity to expand one’s knowledge. It was a great occasion to engage with battery community and discuss newest trends, solutions and challenges.

Battery Forum in Gliwice was very well organized and provided a great networking opportunity. I am looking forward to attend it next year.

Marek Papuzinski

Laboratory Manager

Batteries and Chargers Industry Lead

Battery Expert Forum has become one of the most promising and aspiring event for all the energy related ecomony in Europe. Especially, battery industry or the infrastructure in Poland has been growing substantially for the last few years. BMZ as a leader in lithium ion battery manufacturer in Poland will grow together with LG Chem who will also build a plant in Poland for decades.

Dong Wook (Tom) Chun

Sales Manager

LG Chem Europe GmbH (LGCEG)

In Jun 2016 I had a pleasure to take part in 11th Forum Developer Battery Technologies which in 2017 changes name for Battery Expert Forum. I was ther as a representative of the corporate Electric Vehicle leasing company. It was a great opportunity to see the shape and direction where the battery business will be in a mid and longer time perspective as well as a great opportunity to meet people related to eMobility industry I represent. This was all the more valuable experience having in mind that battery business delivers the most crucial component of Electric Vehicles which are precisely a lithium-ion cells.  I believe that ways and patterns to improve the capacity and efficiency of cells discussed during that event will soon be a cause of already started revolution in the automotive industry converting for widespread electrification.

Krzysztof Leszczyński

Project Manager

Alphabet Polska Fleet Management